Past Exhibition - Anton Smit: The Walking Man

Posted on Thu May 16, 2019 in Gallery Exhibitions.

8 October - 25 November 2017

Major exhibition by one of South Africa’s leading sculptors Anton Smit, is widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental sculptures, evoking themes of suffering, reconciliation, glory and sublimation, his works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally. Many of his pieces, even the most abstract ones, manage to communicate powerfully and emotionally and why his work is possessed of a raw, earthy power that feels innately African. His body of work comprises towering human figures, nudes, impressive heads, masks, hands, angels, floating and stretching figures, warriors as well as abstract works, using mostly steel, metal, fiberglass and bronze. He also likes to imbue his work with an illusion of movement and gesture. 

Walkabout with Anton Smit on 29 October 2017 at 11:30

Walking man
moving in silent desperation
keeping an eye on the Holy Land
a hypothetical destination………
As he walks by he sees
something and reaches
out and touches it.

Could it be the truth he has
been yearning for?

He who walks the earth

- Anton Smit

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