Fine food and wine are amongst the defining passions that drive Grande Provence and this is evident once you taste the exquisite flavours of the cuisine and savour the award-winning wines.

The Restaurant At Grande Provence

Grande Provence Estate is a place where the past and the present seamlessly converge, creating a harmonious blend of history and modernity.

The 18th-century Manor House and The Owner's Cottage stand as proud reminders of their Huguenot heritage, each exuding the timeless charm and elegance of a bygone era. These architectural treasures provide a glimpse into the history of the estate, where the legacy of the Huguenots lives on.

In contrast, The Restaurant and the wine tasting area at Grande Provence project a chic and contemporary industrial presence. These spaces are a testament to the estate's ability to evolve with the times while retaining its commitment to excellence. Here, you'll find a modern ambiance that perfectly complements the heritage of the estate.

This seamless fusion of the old and the new creates a unique and captivating atmosphere at Grande Provence, where history and innovation coexist, inviting guests to explore, indulge, and appreciate the rich tapestry of experiences that the estate has to offer. It's a place where tradition and progress come together to create something truly extraordinary.


Bistro at Grande Provence

The Bistro is a casual, yet contemporary eatery and the perfect destination for anyone in pursuit of a top-tier Cape wine farm experience but with meals taken in a more relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.

Having said that, it doesn’t compromise luxury for accessibility, and we found the service exceptional, the tables beautifully decked, and the décor striking the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated.

Our Head Chef Marvin Robyn designed an easy style simplistic menu that caters for all.


Grande Country Picnics

A Scenic Picnic Amidst Nature's Beauty

Indulge in a delightful and leisurely country-style picnic experience beneath the shade of majestic oak trees, nestled within the picturesque landscape of our sculpture gardens. Located amidst the sprawling vineyards of Franschhoek at Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, this idyllic setting invites you to savor the simple pleasures of life.

Available during the months of October through to April, our picnics offer a taste of the region's charm and natural splendor. As you recline in the tranquil surroundings, you'll find yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature, with the vineyards stretching out before you. It's a moment to escape the hustle and bustle, to immerse yourself in the serene ambiance, and to relish the flavors of a carefully crafted picnic.

With delectable country-style fare that captures the essence of the land, you can savor each bite as you take in the artistry of the sculpture gardens. Whether you're seeking a romantic outing or a relaxing day with loved ones, our picnics are the perfect way to create lasting memories amidst the beauty of Franschhoek.

Join us for this enchanting experience, where you can dine AL fresco, sip on our exquisite wines, and revel in the joy of a leisurely picnic in one of South Africa's most breathtaking settings.


Group Experiences

An experienced team of staff will be dedicated to ensuring your event is most successful and enjoyable for all participants. We are flexible and creative in our approach to your event and our attention to detail makes it possible for us to work closely with you to meet your specific needs on a very individual basis.

With tailor-made packages such as wine tastings, wine blending experiences, group cellar tours and special lunches or dinners we can accommodate groups up to 120 guests for a full day experience at Grande Provence.