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‘threatening auras’ opening Saturday, 4th November2023 at the Gallery at Grande Provence

Posted on Thu October 26, 2023.

The Gallery at Grande Provence is proud to present a solo exhibition by Francke Gretchen Crots.

The Urban Dictionary describes having a “threatening aura” as a place, person or object that evokes in one a sense of uneasiness; a feeling of danger that arises, simply by holding it/them in one’s gaze.


The objects presented in this exhibition are not necessarily intended to threaten the viewer – but rather to threaten or even challenge rules of conduct that dictate how people are expected to behave in a particular society, rules such as femininity and masculinity, identity, morality, authority and even tradition. These threats can be interpreted through the use of profanities, sayings and opinions interwoven throughout the body of works – words and languaging that do not necessarily align with that of mainstream conventions.


Contact The Gallery at Grande Provence to request a catalogue gallery@grandeprovence.co.za. Exhibition concludes 26 November 2023.