Past Group Exhibition – 'Speak'

Posted on Thu May 16, 2019 in Gallery Exhibitions.

Featuring works by: Greg Streak, Marieke Kruger, Shaney van Den Berg, Colbert Mashile, Gary Stephens, Alex Krenz, Adrian Owen, Heike Allerton, Sam Allerton, Barbara Wildenboer, Emily Jane Long and others.

When we speak, it stands as an action for communication. This helps us understand one another, ourselves and ultimately helps us make meaning. Art can be exactly the same. It can help us understand each other, by viewing a work that somebody owns or has possibly made, we are offered insight into that person’s world. When we view art, we can learn and come to understandings about ourselves. ‘Speak’ is centred on this understanding. And it is driven by the meaning and purpose of each individual artist. It is about them, what they want to say and how they want to say it.

 Speak is a group show, featuring current works, by a host of contemporary artists, in the best gallery space in the Winelands.