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January Bliss at Grande Provence - Unveiling New Delights in 2024! 🌞

Posted on Tue January 16, 2024.

Dear Esteemed Guests,

As we bask in the glow of a promising new year, January at Grande Provence beckons with an array of enchanting experiences to elevate your summer moments. Join us as we bid farewell to our summer menu, making way for new culinary wonders. Here's a glimpse of the delights awaiting you:

The Bistro Experience: Sun-Kissed Luncheons

Escape to the Bistro for a light and delightful lunch bathed in the warm embrace of the summer sun. Revel in the casual elegance of our outdoor setting and relish a menu curated for the season. Join us for a languid afternoon, indulging in summer-inspired dishes that dance on your palate. Explore Bistro Offerings

Sculptured Gardens: Wine Tastings Al Fresco

Embark on a wine-tasting journey amidst our sculptured gardens. Let the flavours of our exceptional wines mingle with the gentle breeze. Each sip is a celebration of the terroir, bringing you closer to the heart of Grande Provence. Discover Our Wine Collection

Picnic Perfection: Bean Bags and Bliss

Immerse yourself in the serenity of our gardens with a leisurely picnic on bean bags. Savour a carefully curated selection of delectable treats as you relax in the embrace of nature. Make it an idyllic day out with loved ones, creating memories amidst the beauty of Franschhoek. 🧺🌳 Plan Your Picnic Escape

Β Poolside Retreat: Angelic Moments at the Owners Cottage

Seeking ultimate relaxation? Lounge by the poolside at the Owners Cottage, book in hand, and indulge in the blissful ambience. Enjoy a bottle of our exquisite Angel Tears wines, soaking up the sun in this tranquil haven. Book Your Poolside Retreat

Upcoming Highlights: Love is in the Air! πŸ’–

As February approaches, we're gearing up for romantic escapades and harvest merriment. Ladies, with this leap year, the wheel has turned for you to make the first move! Stay tuned for Valentine's Day specials, and the joyous anticipation of the harvest season.

Embrace the sun-kissed moments of January and set the stage for a year filled with extraordinary experiences at Grande Provence.

Warm regards,

Courtney-Jade Du Plessis

Estate Events Manager and Group Reservations

Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate