Wooded Sauvignon Blanc

Wine of origin





Alc/Vol 13.30%  |  pH 3.28  |  R.S. 2.84g/l  |  TA 6.26g/l


Grapes originate from specially selected vineyards in the Durbanville area.  Cold air from the Atlantic Ocean flows through the hills of the region to cool down the vines during warmer summer days.  Special attention is given to make sure that grapes are exposed to enough sunlight during the ripening period and this results in full juicy berries with character and flavour.


This wine shows an abundance of fruit on the nose combined with greener aromas typical for cool climate Sauvignon Blanc wines. This wine is fruity and full bodied with finely integrated wood giving it structure and complexity.  Flavours of ripe fig and fruit are prominent on the palate and are well balanced by a zesty acidity.  

Serving suggestion

The Wooded Sauvignon Blanc will go well with delicate light meats or slightly acidic dishes, well suited to seafood.