Harvest Report

Exceptional quality and concentration from the 2017 harvest

As the 2017 harvest draws to an end, with our last few tanks having been pressed, we can look forward to great wines with exceptional colour and concentration.

Even though the Western Cape is experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, the climate conditions have been very favourable for quality wine production. This is largely due to vineyards producing small bunches of grapes, with the smaller berries allowing for very concentrated flavours and colour development.

The ideal drier weather conditions, with very minimal heat waves, and cooler night temperatures has resulted in very uniform ripening, allowing for concentrated flavour development. This has also contributed to very little pest, disease and rot occurring in the vineyards.

The team has worked exceptionally hard in the vineyards this season, with the support of a dedicated cellar crew, the wines are looking very promising at this stage.

Let’s hope that we receive a good rainfall level over the next upcoming months, to replenish our water resources.

Matthew van Heerden