'Painterly' – group show

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The term painterly is used to describe a painting done in a style that embraces, shows, and celebrates the medium it's created in, rather than tries to hide the act of creation.

In centuries past, painters worked hard to eliminate or conceal any evident brush marks or texture in a painting, blending and smoothing to hide all evidence of how the painting was created.

According to the Tate Gallery's glossary, the term painterly "carries the implication that the artist is revelling in the manipulation of the oil paint itself and making the fullest use of its sensuous properties."

FEATURED ARTISTS: Eric Duplan, Anton Karstel, Paula van Coller, Jenny Parsons, Adrian Owen, Jan Schutte, Leon Vermeulen, Hannes van Zyl, Bretten Anne Moolman, Marinda Combrinck, Cedric Vanderlinden, Annelie Venter, Lori Schappe-Youens, Jess Holdengarde, Isabella Kuijers, Diane McLean, Estelle Marais, Greta McMohan, Mathew Brittan, Wendy Gabba, Jonathan Silverman, Cobus van Bosch.